What is alkaline drinking water ?

Alkaline drinking water (alkaline water) is clean drinking water that has an alkaline pH (greater than pH 7)

Which the condition is alkaline Contribute to helping prevent various diseases.

Helps in absorbing excess fat. And heavy metals in the body better

And also contains various nutrient minerals That the body needs a lot

Thus helping to balance And reduce the risk of various diseases


Valuable ORP

Drink valuable water

pH 8.5 helps

Well balanced body


Restore the body



Helps reduce acid in


Flatulence, acid flow




Toxic acid reduction in

Antioxidant blood


Cause of the disease


What is alkaline drinking water ?

Alkaline drinking water (alkaline water) is a quality clean drinking water. And has alkaline properties Is a drinking water that has a pH that is mildly alkaline with pH greater than 7

Alkaline drinking water (alkaline water) consists of various nutrient minerals. That the body needs a lot Which is often found to be a feature of mineral water Found in pure natural sources               Alkaline drinking water (alkaline water) is caused by the introduction of natural mineral stones through special processes, resulting in alkaline conditions. Helps to balance the acid-alkaline conditions within the body               To be in the right conditions Makes the body work normally To help the body Can resist various diseases very well

Why drinking alkaline drinking water (alkaline water) ?

Properties of drinking water with high alkalinity Can inhibit the growth of cancer cells And helps eliminate free radicals

Although antioxidants are present in almost all fruits and vegetables, we can't eat enough fruits and vegetables every day. Unlike drinking water that requires at least 8 drinks               Glass per day if we change from drinking plain drinking water to vegetable juice or alkaline water Will help increase alkalinity Reduce excess acid The alkalinity also causes the body to absorb.               Better minerals and nutrients Because lye is liquid, it can easily penetrate into the blood stream. Makes the body run those nutrients faster


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